Community, National Advocacy, and Field Networking events

The week of May 18th-21st NCCA and local partners will be hosting a variety of community, national advocacy, and field networking events including: 

Community Events

National Advocacy Events

Field Networking Events

International Ambassador Events

NCCA is delighted to welcome international ambassador delegations attending the conference. These vital networks of cooperation are forging practice, research, and innovation with global impact. The presence of these delegations and their work will generate collaboration for the 2016 NCCA International Conference and Leadership Exchange and sister conferences, symposia, and events by ambassador organizations. 

Special Interest Group Networking Lunch

This year, four Special Interest Groups will be gathering around tables during the Wednesday MAY 20 midday lunch break to explore Creative Caregiving, Emerging Leaders, LGBTQ Issues, and Spiritual Life as they relate to creative aging. These topics emerged for consideration from the 2014 Leadership Exchange and Conference.

No need to sign up ahead, simply look for the table with your TOPIC CARD in the Cafe area in the "upper lobby" of Arena Stage.