Julie Ellis

Red Box

Director, Hollin Hall Senior Center

Julie Ellis has been a resident of Fairfax County’s Mount Vernon District since 1985 and has been the Director of Hollin Hall Senior Center the past fourteen years, overseeing programs and activities for older adults, 55 years of age or better and the supporting 100 plus volunteers.  The center is one of fourteen senior centers with the Department of Neighborhood and Community Services. Many of the successful partnerships under Ms. Ellis’ leadership have been with local High Schools, Elementary and day care programs.   Ms. Ellis was the Mount Vernon Commissioner of the Fairfax County’s Commission on Aging for two consecutive years, completing her final term in 2014.  She was part of Mount Vernon District Supervisor Hyland’s Visioning Task Force focusing on Human Service initiatives for 2035. 

Her latest project is the creation of a steering committee made up of a nice eclectic group of government, non-profits, neighboring jurisdictions and community members to host the very first Fairfax County’s Creative Aging Festival in May 2015 joining many of the other festivals nationwide.  The goal of the festival will be to feature a wide range of programs including poetry, visual arts, theater, and music throughout the county.  In addition, it will include programming that unlocks the creative spirit including yoga and tai chi.  In 2012, Ms. Ellis won the National Council on Aging/National Institute of Senior Center’s Creative Expression Category for her “CREATIVITY 101: How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci” at Hollin Hall Senior Center.  This eight week session has “graduated” close to 40 center members.  It was an honor to be part of the poster session at the 2014 NCCA Conference in Washington, D.C.

Ms. Ellis is now interested in learning more about ‘Creative Placemaking’. She enjoys painting, repurposing junk, yoga, Jazzercise and beach time where she does most of her relaxing, reflection and creative thinking.

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