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Founder and Director, Research Center for Arts and Culture

Speaker & Consultant

Joan Jeffri is the Director/Founder of the Research Center for the Arts and Culture at the National Center for Creative Aging in Washington DC, and former director, graduate program in Arts Administration at Columbia University for 22 years. Creator: ART CART: SAVING THE LEGACY, an intergenerational project to help older artists document their work that grew out of research on NYC visual artists age 62+ called Above Ground. Author: Still Kicking; Making Changes: Facilitating the Transition of Dancers to Post-Performance Careers (with William Baumol and David Throsby), Changing the Beat: A Study of the Worklife of Jazz Musicians (NEA), also concerned with aging artists; Respect for Art: Visual Arts Administration and Management in China and the United States (with Yu Ding), The Emerging Arts: Management, Survival and Growth, and ArtsMoney: Raising It, Saving It and Earning It. Editor:  Information on Artists I,  II, III, IV, Artist-Help: The Artist’s Guide to Work-Related Human and Social Services. Former Director, Arts Leadership Institute/Arts & Business Council. Former Executive Editor, Journal of Arts Management and Law; articles: Public, Arts & Health,  Poetics, International Journal of Cultural Policy, Journal of Arts Management & Law, American Demographics.


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