Dale Hilton

Dale Hilton

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Director, Teaching and Learning, Department of Education and Interpretation, The Cleveland Museum of Art

Dale Hilton has managed The Cleveland Museum of Art’s (CMA) Distance Learning (DL) program since its inception in 1998 and has grown the program to reach approximately 15,000 participants annually.  In 2011 Dale became Director of the CMA Teaching and Learning programs.  These programs include DL, Art To Go (art object based learning in the schools), and the Teacher Resource Center.

She holds an M.A. in Art History from The University of Chicago and a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. Ms. Hilton’s duties include for Distance Learning: lesson development, script writing, teacher/client relations, overseeing scheduling and development of companion publications.  In addition she has extensive on-camera experience in presenting DL lessons. Other aspects of her work for the museum encompass programming the Teacher Resource Center, supervising Art To Go and adult continuing education series as well as serving on the staff training team for CMA docents.

In Ms. Hilton’s 23 years on the museum staff she has served as an Instructor in the Education Department presenting lectures, gallery talks, and Teacher Resource Center workshops. Her publications include: Diego Rivera: A Mexican Hero and His People (CMA, Art to Go Suitcase, written with Alicia Hudson Garr), Twentieth Century Mexican Art (CMA, slide packet/CD), The Art of Bronze (CMA, slide packet/CD), and the book Japanese Prints Today: Tradition With Innovation (Shufunotomo Co. Ltd., Tokyo, 256 pp.).  In addition, she has produced in conjunction with the Distance Learning staff 47 videoconference topics and frequently represents the CMA at educational technology conferences around the country.

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