Cheryl Rogers-Tadevich

Cheryl Rogers-Tadevich

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Director of Programs and Creativity, The Geezer Gallery

Cheryl Rogers-Tadevich is an innovative leader in Creative Aging programs, which use artistic expression to encourage good health and vitality for elders. Ms. Rogers-Tadevich is the Director of Programs and Creativity for The Geezer Gallery in Portland, Oregon since 2011. She is a professionally accredited art facilitator, obtaining her arts training internationally and holds a certificate in Gerontology.

As Director of Programs and Creativity for the Geezer Gallery, Cheryl has co-created, developed and implemented two innovative curriculums, Capturing Time and Vibrant Elders. These programs are now being used in research trials funded by Oregon Health and Sciences University to document the effects of creative activities on the health and wellness of elders.

The Geezer Gallery is currently replicating their model and beginning research trials in partnership with the Council on Aging and Western North Carolina University in Asheville, NC. Ms. Rogers-Tadevich is training facilitators in The Capturing Time curriculum and a key researcher for these research projects.

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