Dynamic Tracks - The Practice, Research, and Business of Creative Aging

This year there will be leaders in the field including Tim Carpenter, Founder, EngAGE; John Zeisel, President and Co-Founder, Hearthstone Alzheimer Care; and Janet Brown, President and CEO, Grantmakers in the Arts to examine new sustainable business models through a one-of-a-kind, dynamic track, the BUSINESS of Creative Aging. Identify resources that will engage and open up possibilities for reaching end users through cutting-edge business models.   
At the 2015 Leadership Exchange and Conference you will experience and contribute to dialogue, best-practices, capacity-building, and innovation that will serve the field and benefit your work with others across the spectrum of creativity and aging.  You will also, explore vital themes, emerging wisdom, and innovation of the field.
Examine the practice, the research, and the business of creative aging through five session lenses: Foundations, Placemaking & Community, Health & Wellness, Lifelong Learning, and Innovation Labs. 
The Practice of Creative Aging
Learn about innovative, evidence-based practices in creative aging through an exciting track designed by master teaching artists and practitioners. 
The Research of Creative Aging
Discover emerging research demonstrating the impact of creative expression on healthy aging in a track designed by scholars, researchers, and practitioners. 
The Business of Creative Aging
Learn about cutting-edge business models and sustainability strategies through a track designed by key business professionals who are reshaping aging in America. 

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