B1: Foundations – Navigating the Silver Tsunami: A Business Primer

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - 3:00pm to 4:15pm
Arena Stage, Molly Smith Study

In the face of changing demographics, it’s vital to establish a bedrock set of principles and strategies for business practice in creative aging. The panelists will explore this issue, approaching it from both an individual and an organizational point of view. And participants will learn best-practices, essential philosophies, key habits, and adaptable business models designed to generate success, sustainability, and satisfaction.


  1. Identify individual and organizational approaches to the business of creative aging.
  2. Analyze the bedrock business practices that characterize successful creative aging organizations.
  3. Articulate effective philosophies, habits, and tools that can be readily adapted for success in this burgeoning field.
  4. Articulate business rationale and measurable impact for engaging "art-centric" policies, practices, and programming.


  • Ace Everett, Independent Cultural Professional
  • Anthony Hyatt, Founder, Moving Beauty
  • Bonnie Vorenberg, President, ArtAge Publications' Senior Theatre Resource Center


  • Janet Brown, President and CEO, Grantmakers in the Arts